2 am ramble

Got a “new” couch today. Through my friend’s exchange list, we received an awesome couch that someone was giving away because they are moving. I didn’t realize they also have a matching oversized chair. I think I’m going back tomorrow to see if we can have that too. All the seating in our living room has been broken, ripped and very uncomfortable. What’d ya expect? Its not like we ever BUY anything. Our last couch was a curbside pick up.  But its time has come. Champ not happy being restricted to the floor.

Fell asleep on the Was enjoying my new couch too much tonight and was about to head back to bed around 1 am. Until the crabby fair princess Annaliese woke up with a 104.4 fever. She had one this afternoon post nap of 102.3. So, after snuggling and giving her some children’s Motrin(not generic, they add sugar), she went back to bed and here I am. Just wanting to be awake if she cries out.

Went out for “payday dinner with the family” tonight. OK, here’s my possibly hypocritical rant…

  • A 3-4 year old does not comprehend “I’m adding one more minute to your timeout when we get home. We’re up to 7 minutes. Do you want one more?”
  • If a child can obey by the count of 3, the child can obey by the count of 1
  • Do not ask a 12-18 mo. old “do you want some pizza? do you want some breadsticks? what do you want? here, do you want…” They don’t know or care. They won’t choose. Just feed them.
  • Do not say, “if you keep doing __________, then we’re leaving/daddy’s going to take you to the car” unless you will actually leave or take the child to the car. After awhile, your child will learn to laugh at you. Like Annaliese does to me.
  • Children running around restaurants is unacceptable. Children jumping up and down on a booth bench screaming is unacceptable. Adults too.

Public accountability in weight loss challenges is a stupid idea if you enjoy a 2 am snack of Heath toffee bits eaten out of the bag with a spoon. If I didn’t think the kids would wake up with the sound of the car starting, I’d be at Taco Bell’s drive thru right now. That’s MY version of jumping up and down on a booth bench and screaming.

Back to the infomercials. Hmm. Real Estate tycoonery or revolutionary cosmetic break through? Tough choice.


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