RagamuffinTop #4

And so it goes. Or not. Stayed even or up .4. I chose to publish the lower number!!

Last week June 7: 195.6
Goal by June 14: lose 1.5 lbs; drink lots of water everyday; no soda/pop
Today’s weigh in June 14: 195.6

Weighing in on the RagamuffinTop Challenge, I didn’t meet my goal of losing 1.5 lbs. I had a couple of cokes(sorry to those who held fast). Drank lots of homemade iced green tea, not as much plain water, was more active with walking-taking kids to parks, zoo, etc. It was the late night toffee bits out of the bag with a spoon I bet. Gotta go. Feverish 3 yr old(104.4 this a.m.). Actually I can sum up this entire week with one word. Menstruating. See you next time! 🙂

June 14: 195.6
Goal by June 21: 194, drink at least 32 oz water daily, no pop


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  1. Posted by hvoeltner on June 14, 2008 at 11:08 am

    Don’t give up! Keep working at it, and it will become a reality!


  2. Posted by Beth on June 14, 2008 at 11:48 am

    You may want to do measurements of your waist, thighs, etc. Fat weighs LESS than muscle and if you are exercising, you may be losing fat but gaining muscle. I recommend you start tracking your inches, not pounds.

    Keep up the great work – I can not kick the caffeine habit without major (migraine) withdraws. I am down to 1-2 Dews a day.


  3. Measuring. Eww. Actually, green tea does have caffeine in it. Just not as much so it might be a good “patch” :). I thought about the fat/muscle thing too. My shorts are more loose than at the beginning of the week . We’ll see what next week brings.


  4. Hey! Just think of each new week as a fresh start! Don’t worry about how you may not have followed all your rules last week. It’s a new week and a new chance to start again!


  5. You know what – holding steady is not such a bad thing. I’m trying to convince myself of baby steps.

    Good job this week.

    Since I gave up the cokes this week, here’s what I’ve been drinking. I’ve been drinking different flavors of Crytals Light. They make lots of different flavors, and they make the little individual servings that you can mix in a water bottle. I found one that is a citrus blend that had caffeine in it, so it’s helped coming off of the cokes.

    Good luck this week.


  6. No worries! Keep it up. Best of luck this week.


  7. If you’re holding steady during “that time” you’ve probably LOST weight and just don’t know it yet.

    I bet next week you’ll reach your goal.


  8. Hey Joni,

    Those darn toffee bits will get you every time!
    Darn things. I over-venti’d it with a carmel macchiato with extra whip. Im blaming my PMS. Heck, I need to blame something! Right?


  9. I dont’ even have to be menstruating to crave the sweets. They’re totally my downfall. I’m in the stage now where my maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes are too small. I bought some pants that are too big in the waist, but my belt is too short! ARGH!!!

    Great job on the activity though. I think I need to be more accountable in my blog maybe?


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