She’s got what?

Um, yeah. Its called a Coxsackievirus. This is a picture of what has invaded my almost 4-yr old at some point last week. My kids are finger/thumb suckers so, gee. Where could this have come from? Could it have been the park we went to on Tuesday? Or was it the local kids’ zoo and park we went to on Wednesday. Or perhaps the health club on Thursday?

Anyway, Annaliese contracted herpangina-which is neither herpes nor angina-by passively licking the universe with her fingers. Not direct licking but secondhand licking. See? Secondhand licking is just as dangerous as licking directly.

The poor thing has had fevers since Friday with a low of 101.5 and a high of 104.4. They usually average around 103.5. And then last night with vomiting. Ick. Fortunately she got to the toilet and the “throw up bucket” in time. There’s really nothing you can do but treat her symptoms and let her be whiny and snuggly for a few days. And follow her around with a disinfectant wipe. And eat a popsicle with her at 1 am.

So remember kids, licking kills. OK, no it doesn’t but its still gross.


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  1. Posted by Beth on June 17, 2008 at 11:10 am

    Ahhh – that thumbsucking!! I FINALLY got Thomas (6 yrs old!) to stop. We tried everything, doctor and dentist talked with him, everything. He really wanted to stop so we talked about it and I finally got some of the Thum stuff (cheyenne pepper juice), painted his thumb and he was done in a couple days.

    Poor Annaliese! And poor Mom. My heart goes out to both of you. We just got over chicken pox here – Thomas, then Riley, then me (again!). UGH!! Amazing how your world just stops for a while when a child is sick.


  2. She has what? That was my family’s name when we left Russia, before my great-grandfather, Ivan Coxackievirus decided… “Maybe something shorter if we have to fill out all these forms.”
    Ahhh, Great-Grandpa Ivan…. he smelled of onions and vinegar, but he was a hoot. As I remember, he had a bit of a licking problem himself.


  3. I remember Megan getting that around that age. She had some kind of wierd spots on her throat too, and the fever and some vomiting. She’s a thumb-sucker too. Go figure!


  4. Ahhh poor kiddo. I hope she gets better soon. Sure sounds horrible


  5. […] today, “Annaliese is feeling much better now. I can’t believe none of the other kids got it“? What an idiot. JD is the latest contestant in “Name That Virus”. This […]


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