Have I mentioned…?

Not sure who all I’ve shared what news with so here’s a recap…

  • I quit my job June 6 in anticipation of neck surgery.
  • Trying to get back into the habit of cooking.
  • Saw a 3rd surgeon Tuesday who gave me a 3rd opinion: “You don’t need surgery; you’re not that bad; there won’t be any permanent nerve damage; if you did have surgery you would only do 2 levels and not 3; vocal nerve damage occurs only 1% of the time.”
  • Annaliese turns 4 on Monday. FOUR!
  • We paid off another credit card
  • I love being home full-time again. I really miss the people I worked with. They’re very fun and sweet.
  • Next month I will miss the paycheck
  • Anybody want to help us finance a fence? Call 1-800-keep-your-our-dog-out-of-our-your-yard
  • Started Physical Therapy last week. Feeling good today. Getting traction, soft tissue massage, stretching exercises.
  • My Dad will have a CT scan on his pancreas next week. Hmm.
  • Pray for our neighborhood relationships. They are straining.

Gotta go. Bedtime. For the kids. I’m sure I’ll be up for hours yet. I still have to lose weight for my RagamuffinTop post tomorrow. 😉


2 responses to this post.

  1. Maybe we can start a new blog–how to save money with no paycheck! 😉 I got my last one Thursday, finishing work this Friday, and a bit nervous about who are new neighbors in Cincinnati might be!! Hoping not to have to get a physical therapy job on top of planting a church!! Prayin for ya…and we’ll be closer to you once we move–I think I hear “road trip” calling…. 😉


  2. Wow Joni and I thought I had stress! I love the fence idea!! I’ll be praying for you and your family this week. Keep your eyes focused on God this week. Can’t wait to see your weigh in post! Mine sucked! lol



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