Have you lost weight? Well I found it!

This week, up 2.4 lbs and back to the beginning.

Starting weight: 197.8
Last week June 14: 195.6
This week June 21: 198
Progress: + .2 lbs
Ultimate Goal in the next 14 weeks: 165 lbs.

Ate poorly at beginning of the week. Emotional eating mostly. When I can’t get what I want or am unsettled about something, I eat because that is something I can have if I want it. I didn’t sleep because Annaliese was sick with all day & night fevers from Saturday until Wednesday or Thursday. I think I’ll change my tactics. Now that I’ve gotten clearance to get back in the gym, I need to make an actual schedule to exercise. My depression is hitting me hard the last 2 days. Not sure why. Just gotta shake this off and get going. My kids don’t need a fat mommy. Or perhaps the better term is out-of-shape mommy. See the other RagamuffinTops and check out their progress. I could use some inspiration myself.

New approach:

Goal for this week is to exercise 3 times at the health club.
Drink 64 oz water–8 8oz glasses


9 responses to this post.

  1. Stick with it Joni, think about all the other RagamuffinTops out there that are cheering you on!


  2. Your post sounds like something I could have written. Keep it up. You have good goals, you can do it.


  3. I also gained weight in the last weigh in. Today, I am back where I started. Sounds like you have some good ideas about how to break out of your funk. Go for it girl. See ya next week.


  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself – you’ll get there.

    Praying for you this week.


  5. Joni – thats a great goal. its simple and I KNOW you can do it!


  6. food is a strange thing, joni. and it’s amazing to me how i’m hungrier for un-healthy stuff when i’m up late (like with my sick daughter). it’s the same for me in many ways. you’re in good company.

    your goal for this week is good. it’s attainable, and it’ll help you feel better about the whole sitch.

    you can do it.


  7. Hang in there! When it’s stressful times, you have to give yourself some slack. You’ll get there. Don’t give up!


  8. Hi Joni, would it help if I tell you that you are already an inspiration for me? I’m on my first week and we are all together in this! :0)


  9. Stick with it Joni and don’t give up. Carlos gained weight this week too. Don’t let the depression get you down. You have good goals, drink that water and get to the gym!


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