Dr. Mom tip

If your daughter complains of itchy eyes and you want to give her some eye drops, its important to look twice at the medicine bottle. Because “Otic” does NOT mean “Optic”. Ear drops in the eyes are not a good thing. After 5 seconds of screaming and thrashing(her not me), 2 minutes of flushing the eyes with water, 2 minutes on the phone with Poison Control, and another 10 minutes in the shower irrigating the eyes some more, all is well. Didn’t I just say that earlier about some virus I was glad my other kids didn’t contract? Stay tuned.

And the bad mother award goes to…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hugs…glad she is okay.


  2. Awww!! Poor thing! Lesson learned, Im sure…


  3. I really honestly do not mean to be laughing my butt off right now but I so am. Sorry.

    This is totally something I would do!!!

    Like the one time….”Crap, was that tylenol or Tylenol PM I just gave him????”

    10 minutes later…..must have been the PM. lol Oops. haha

    If I could award you points from a sign held way above my head for this one I would say you def. get a 10 Joni! yep, this one was good! lol

    You poor thing!


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