Round 2

Did I actually tell someone today, “Annaliese is feeling much better now. I can’t believe none of the other kids got it“? What an idiot. JD is the latest contestant in “Name That Virus”. This afternoon, “Ow my head hurts!” and tonight…the fever. Um, should I call HazMat to give the Orchard’s Kids’ environment a once over? Sorry. Time to resupply the Tylenol. Wish they had a dispenser at the store like they do for filling water bottles. It’d be so much easier to buy it by the quart or gallon. You know, a “Multiple Kid” size.

On top of that I’m having an allergic reaction to a new medication which is giving me an awful rash. Another good reason we keep Benadryl in the cabinet–aside from providing relief to our dander allergic friends. The side effect list says that getting a rash is a severe allergic reaction so see a doctor immediately. Maybe JD and I can get a family discount!

Well, I have these BBQ ribs to make tonight since they’re thawed and now no one wants to eat them. Anyone need dinner? I’ll just drop them off on my way to the ER. Maybe I’ll just bring them to the ER. Doctors and nurses need to eat too.


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