her: “Hello, Veterinary Clinic can I help you?”
me: “Hi, this is Joni Ruhs. I need to bring in my dog Champ. He’s favoring one of his paws. He stepped in some hot coals from a campfire a few nights ago.”
her: “Sure let’s see where we can take him. Um, you can drop him–”
me: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, that’s so gross! hahahahahahahaha”
her: “-off and the doctor can see him around 1 pm.”
me: “I’m sorry but I’m standing outside with the dog and a bird just pooped all over my arm.”
her: “A bird just pooped on your arm and you’re laughing? hahahaha that’s the most disgusting thing I think I’ve ever heard over the phone!!!!”
me: “I know! Its so gross! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, so we’ll drop Champ off hahahahaha and pick him up later this afternoon hahahahahahaha”
her: “Hahahahahaha OK, we’ll see you soon and good luck with your arm.”

And once again, the Ruhs family provides joy for one and all.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Only you…yup…too funny…


  2. Only you…yup…too funny…


  3. lol Very funny
    I had one poop on my back at the wedding last weekend lol Apparently it’s good luck?!


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