Feelin’ Groovy

I haven’t had a chance to get to the health club scale yet so I don’t have any proof of any progress. My son had the same virus my daughter did the week prior so we pretty much did nothing but attend to his 104+ fevers. However, I got in a couple of “workouts”–3 physical therapy sessions and a couple of walks. Stayed pretty active. Could have done better on the water but tried to avoid pop. I’m really proud that I did not buy ice cream, cookies, and pop yesterday at the store. They were all on super sale and it kills me to pass up a bargain. Twisted, I know. I’ll try and get a weight later today.

Mentally did ok–got to meet up with a couple of neighbors I’ve been meaning to talk with. Had a good walk today with my very obedient dog. Don’t have any neck pain at all and I’ve regained some strength in my right arm. So I may pull a Los and just avoid the scale since I’m feeling so good.


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  1. Way to go, Joni! This is the idea… buy more “good” calories (fruits, whole wheat, juices, etc) and less bad ones. If they are not in the house it’s easier to stay away from them. Keep it up. We are all in this together! :0)


  2. Well I cant wait to hear how you are did! But honestly, if your feeling good then you probably did great. Wether great is 1/2 pound or 10lbs. Good jon Joni with straying from Pop. I have been doing really good with it. I mean Ive slipped a few times but my everyday pop consumption has stopped. Keep it up! Thanks for the comment on my blog too.



  3. It doesn’t matter if you gained or lost, really. You are making better choices and feeling good and that’s what really counts. The rest will follow. Keep it up! I hope the kids are feeling better soon!


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