Why Courage?

Had a great day at The Orchard. Scott was talking to us about courage and taking a step forward in our relationship with Jesus Christ. The whole message was awesome on a number of levels but his first couple lines kind of stuck and then led me down a rabbit trail. Sorry Scott, I did catch up to you later.

He said that sometimes it takes courage to take the next step in our journey and to accept the good things that God has planned for us. That stuck. So then he went on with teaching on baptism and I went here: Why should it take so much courage to accept great things from God? Wouldn’t you think we’d say, “God bring it on!! I want all the awesome stuff you have to offer!”

What is the good stuff God is offering me? Freedom, health, lightness of heart, peace, strength. For me, my struggle is in the physical body department. I know people who work hard at having a fit body because they want that result. Well, I want that result too but I don’t seem to work hard at it. My eternal quandry is to find the “what” that is in the way of my effort. I don’t know why I won’t work for what I want in this area. Interesting. How do I get free? How do I accept freedom?

I’m going to try and read through the book of Romans this week and see what I can find.


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  1. Hey Joni,

    Loving the musings!! More courage to you!



  2. Hey Joni,

    I feel the same way. I REALLY REALLY want this. I have gained to much weight over the last few years and its totally my fault. I am a snacker and cant seem to resist. Since I started taking this pill to help it has, but I also dont want to get “stuck” using it as a crutch forever because I cant seem to control my cravings.

    I also keep wanting to work out. Please notice the word wanting in that sentence. Its something my head says YES! Lets do it! But my body is bigger than my head and so it uses the hand weapon smack the idea right out of there! Uggg

    I need to pray for some self control. Its really bad with me.

    Im praying for you on this journey. Its not easy but remember that we are doing it together.

    Seeing Im not “that” far from you I was thinking if I just jog on by one morning I will lose a to of weight! lol Im not sure what that mileage would consist of?? 50 miles…60 maybe? HA! I cant even make it one!

    Out what being out of shape does to a woman!


  3. Not sure if it totally applies, but Elisabeth Elliot’s book Discipline: The Glad Surrender is an exellent motivator for conquering habits or any of those tough struggles we can’t seem to break free from.


  4. […] this week. I thought maybe it could help me get a handle on some things. Namely, why I lack the courage to receive good things from God like health, living freely, peace of mind. And, as I’m […]


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