RagamuffinTop #7

6/28 197.6

7/6 196.4

Phew again! Down 1.2 from last week. Weekends are probably the worst time for me to post something because I have to go to the health club to weigh in. Anyway, got up a little early and went this morning before church.

Had a good week up until the 4th of July. Our neighbor throws an immense party every year and this time had an authentic taco stand cater. AMAZING! Much better than American tacos–no sour cream, no cheese, and corn (whole grain) tortillas. OK, the Corona probably messed up the carb count. And the cupcake. And the pistacchio fluff salad. I went without coffee and Starbucks. No fast food. Drinking lime flavored seltzer to get my carbonation fix. Had two PT sessions with weights this week then did about 3 miles on a bike this morning with some weights afterward–and the whirlpool.

If I can get past my birthday this week–and I WILL BE having a good steak–with minimal damage, I’ll be happy next Saturday. Thanks to Gretchin for the push!! Sorry to the other toppers for being late again on the post.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Joni, great job on the 1.2 lb loss. This is awesome! You see… It’s going to happen. The devil is a liar! hahaha… We are in this together! :0)


  2. I’m so proud of you!!!!!

    And Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an awesome steak, loaded potatos, and a piece of cake for me!




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