What happens at home, stays…?

Orchard Kids'(children’s ministry) teacher: “So, did anyone get to see some fireworks on Friday?”
My daughter(shouting out): “Yes but the police came and made us stop!”
And yes, that would be the daughter of the children’s worship leader for the weekend.

BTW, it was our neighbor’s party, not ours.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hilarious! We were also enjoying some at home fireworks this weekend at a friends house on the third. The kids loved it but every time a car came down the street the guy would take his stuff and run towards the garage. We all kind of laughed but when I got the kids home, I thought maybe that wasn’t such a good message. I reminded the kids,”You know kids, if you are doing something and you are afraid that the police are going to come and get you in trouble, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it, right?”
    They “Oh, yes mother”-ed me.


  2. Oh, what those kids will say! Never a dull moment.


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