I’m Done With Doctors!

Woo hoo! Had my 6 week follow up visit with my original neurosurgeon–the one who recommended three level cervical fusion surgery. At the time I was in extreme pain, weakness and tingling in my right arm and taking ibuprofen, vicodin, prednisolone, electric stimulation therapy, ice packs. After 3 epidural steroid injections, 4 weeks of physical therapy, glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, and much prayer, I am pain free, no tingling, regained almost full strength and take no pain meds–only the supplements. Because I’m feeling so good, the surgeon said he doesn’t need to see me again unless my condition worsens–which he believes will eventually happen. But until then, follow my present course of exercise and stretching and work with the trainer at the health club. And he did emphasize continuing the PT exercises DAILY no matter how good I feel.

I am restricted from doing anything jarring or twisty like running, golf, horseback riding or motorcycles. So if I’m ever chased, I’m doomed unless its in a pool because swimming is ok. Nope, still doomed. I suck at swimming. No shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, heavy lifting, no bending over for long periods of time(do you think insurance would cover a landscaping company?). Swimming, walking, stretching, massage–all good. Elliptical should be ok–double check with trainer. We did both agree that what will probably do me in will have something to do with catching a falling child. Sorry kids, break out the Bandaids. You’re on your own.

Thus ends my neck saga. For now. Next Ruhs odyssey? Doug’s going back to school in the Fall. As a student and a teacher. So we’re back to student loans and no job for me. How did we get back here?  More on that in September.

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  1. Posted by Beth on July 10, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    YEAH!! Praises for answered prayers. I am so happy for you…and to think now you have legitamate excuses for not having to mow, etc. Sounds like a win-win for you!

    I am also happy for Doug pursuing a new dream/goal. What a wonderful wife you are to help support him.


  2. You can check back throughout the school year to see how wonderful I STILL am! Yikes. 🙂


  3. Posted by Beth on July 11, 2008 at 8:42 am

    You can vent with my hubby since he knows and deals with a spouse back in college.


  4. Bryan will probably be starting work on his MBA next year. I dread that. I hardly see him as it is some days.

    So glad though that you’re feeling better! Praise God for that!


  5. Wow Joni,
    It seems like you have been through a lot! i hope that your DR is wrong and your condition doesn’t worsen. Thanks again for your kind words on my blog. I am touched that you have the courage to pray for others with all the prayer that should be focused on your family. San and I will keep you and your family close at heart in our family prayer time!


  6. I am so glad to hear this!!!

    This is awesome!



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