Been Tagged: New Things You May Not Know

Misty, the Good Mom Who Gets Bored(ha!), tagged me with a new “things you may not know about me” thing. I love these! If I tag you and you don’t, feel no pressure!!

10 years ago I was:
Married two years, working at a brokerage firm and hating the company–then I got a very cool new company a month later; Hoping to God my 10 yr old car would hold on a little longer; Just starting to contemplate maybe trying to have a baby, sort of; still grieving the loss of my 38 yr old sister from Diabetes in Sep ’97; buying our house; serving neck deep in church

Five things to do today:
1. Weigh in at the health club (done)
2. Post RagamuffinTop Challenge post (done)
3. Buy mouse traps for garage (done)
4. Supervise kids in pool (done)
5. Go to church (done)

Shoot, that was an easy day!! 🙂 Thankfully it didn’t ask “Five Things You Should Do Today Since You’ve Been Putting Them Off for 5 Years”

Snack I enjoy:
Chocolate chip cookies–I could eat about 20 at a time which is why they’re not allowed in the house and I have to weigh in every Saturday! Chocolate peanut butter protein shake otherwise(low fat and sugar free).

Things I would do if a Millionaire:
Pay off our debts. Fix our vehicles or replace them with hybrids. Buy a larger house or add on to this one and have SOMEONE ELSE decorate it. Hire a housecleaner. Volunteer more-especially at kids’ school. Give more(wouldn’t it be fun to have Oprah money?). Travel, travel, travel!
Places I have lived:
Frankfort, KY(born there); Seymour, IN (home of the Mellencamps); Lombard, IL; Westmont, IL; Elmhurst, IL; Itasca, IL; Downers Grove, IL; Glen Ellyn, IL; Aurora, IL

The four people I’m going to tag are Gretchin, Kristen, Tam, Lindsey. SuperMom–if you’ve got a minute–join in!


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  1. My favorite snack is chocolate chip cookies too!!!


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