RagamuffinTop Challenge #8

7/5: 196.4

7/12: 196.4

So I maintained the weight which is fine with me since I had birthday cake and a took a few liberties at the family birthday meal my fabulous husband made for me. The victories? Got back on the elliptical for just under 2 miles, did weights twice, lots of stretching, no over eating, lots of water and green tea, and only one cup of coffee(without chocolate).

I really have to step up the exercise and get in my 3 workouts now that I’m cleared by the doctor and don’t have anymore physical therapy scheduled just yet. The clock is ticking and I need to stay off the starting block. Congratulations to the other toppers who are just cranking this thing!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Better to maintain then to gain, I always say :-). Have a great week!!


  2. You’re doing great!! I really need to kick up the exercise. I haven’t done a lick this week. got 2 extra kids today for a total of 5, so I’m kinda getting some exercise chasing them around 🙂


  3. Good job Joni!!

    At least its not a gain!



  4. Great job, Joni! Did you hear my baby’s heartbeat? It’s an amazing experience. Thanks for stopping by. Keep it up!


  5. […] things to do today: 1. Weigh in at the health club (done) 2. Post RagamuffinTop Challenge post (done) 3. Buy mouse traps for garage (done) 4. Supervise kids in pool (done) 5. Go to church […]


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