Just Say Yes

Having a great week with family visiting for a few days. We get to see our niece from Texas only once a year and we’re thrilled she’s here. Oh and her dad and grandpa too. We made a couple outing plans for the family and hung out at the county fair the other day. Probably the most fun for me was that this was a budgeted outing(plus some unplanned Grandpa generosity!) so we were able to say “yes” to the kids in almost every way. “Mom can I go on this ride?” Yes. “Mom can I go on that ride?” Yes. “Can I have some pizza?” Yes. “Can I have some cotton candy?” Ick, but yes. I LOVE those days.

I forget how often I tell the kids “no” throughout the day. And sometimes its just out of habit. There’s no reason not to say “yes”. It just came out “no”. And it doesn’t even have to be about buying something or spending money. For us, it can just be “mom can we look at the fish?” (in Wal-Mart or wherever). Sometimes, you should just plan a little extra time to say “yes”. I LOVE those days.


2 responses to this post.

  1. And here I thought I was the Queen of No’s! lol

    I agree. The kids always want to go to the pet store and see the kittens. Today I might just give in and say yes.

    Thanks Joni!


  2. Great thought! It’s hard to give up my own agenda when I’ve got so much to do, yet when I take the time to sit and play or whatever, we all are refreshed!


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