RagamuffinTop Challenge #10

7/19: 198.2
7/28: 198.4

4 swim lessons in the pool with kids
1 swim session alone–couple of laps
lots of walking
rotten food & drink
no picture–camera broken


3 responses to this post.

  1. I say we are still doing great. Loss or gain! We are still here tracking our stats, we havent given up, even with some let downs and you know what….at our age our metabolism has been hijacked and taken for ransom. One that we cant afford to pay for. So all in all, we are doing great Joni!! =)



  2. Great job on the exercise! I attended swim lessons with the girls last week. 5 days for an hour. I did probably 15 min of swimming each day, since I had the baby and had to let him splash in the pool while I held him, before I could put him down in his car seat to nap.

    Man, I wish I had a pool or better yet, a YMCA nearby. I love swimming, though I’m not very good at it 🙂


  3. have you had your muscle mass measured yet? im just curious.


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