Sleepy sleepy

Thank God for jury duty. My physical therapist was called in for jury duty this morning so my appt. had to be canceled. I’m so glad. I’m feeling pretty tired lazy and Maddie has devised an art project for the two of us so I didn’t feel like going to therapy. I do however have to get myself weighed in for the RagamuffinTop Challenge. We were so busy this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to check.

Had an awesome weekend at the Orchard. Chris Bell is a great teacher talking about how we hear from God. I got to be a part of the music so that was a blast as always. Our family hung out with a few others all day playing cards, trying to keep our novice swimmers from drowning swimming, eating. Our kids did great. They were a little whiny here and there but mostly went with the flow. Wandering around the house from card table to table or watching a movie, playing with toys. And Doug & I definitely needed the friend time. We love hanging out with friends but I’m a little self conscious inviting people to our house while our cat is exploring alternative litter box methods. But that’s another story.

Highlight of the day was attending a parent/child class called “Dive” right after church. It was designed to help us parents communicate with our kids about having a personal relationship with Jesus. The Orchard teachers were amazing and gave a kid-directed presentation of John 3:16. The kids went to do a craft and Chris Bell gave the parents direction on how to intentionally talk to our kids about their own spiritual journeys. Very cool. It led to a good bedtime conversation between me and Maddie.

Long weekend. Lots of fun. And I won the card tournament. Woo hoo!


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  1. Posted by Beth on July 29, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Sounds like a wonderful time! Here is a tip for helping with the alternative litter box smells….use hydrogen peroxide on the spot. Pour some on, let it sit for about a day, then rinse. I have used it on our (expensive) sectional sofa and didn’t have any problems with fading and the odor is completely gone…unlike the cat that never did figure out what a litter box was for. The best part besides peroxide being effective is that it is REALLY cheap!!!


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