I’m goin’ in!

A little while ago I mentioned I was thinking about getting baptized. Well, I’m doing it. This Sunday, August 10 at the Orchard‘s awesome BBQ & Baptism pary. Here’s why.

I became a believer in Jesus in March of 1989. I grew up in faith at a church that at the time, didn’t do full immersion baptism because of logistics. Not a lot of baptismal pools in a movie theater. When they began to do full immersion, I was dying to get re-baptized but since I’d already been baptized and taught that it didn’t matter if you were sprinkled or dunked, I didn’t think I should be baptized again just for the experience of immersion.

After all this time, I’m blowing off what I think others will think, and going for the full dunk. And there is nowhere I’d rather take the plunge than at the Orchard church community. I love how we celebrate baptism. We take the afternoon to get together and party with our families, jump in bouncy things, paint faces, eat really good food and head to the pool to be baptized or to watch and cheer. What’s fun is that its an all church event. Even when I wasn’t getting baptized, we attended to celebrate others.

Ironically, I can sing in front of 100s or a 1000 people without skitchy nerves most of the time. But being baptized makes me self conscious. Maybe its being celebrated that makes me feel uneasy. I don’t know. But I’m planning on having a ball in spite of it! And some BBQ. And then some ice cream. Throwing RagamuffinTop to the wind this weekend! 🙂 Here’s a peek at last year’s event…


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  1. Awesome! I’m proud of you and your walk–you are an inspiration to many. I swear our pasts are kind of parallel. I was saved on March 29, 1989. Except, I was baptised the next week in a creek—brrr.

    Hope you have a great, fun day!


  2. Thank you! A creek? That’s like letting the faucet run for 3 hours on super cold. Yikes.


  3. Excellent!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!


  4. first! yay! im so happy youre doing this with your church! this is so very special!

    2nd. wow. its 1:30 am and i am bawling. that video wrecked me. so beautiful. my mom is not a believer…and when the son helped baptize his mom…dang…so powerful! there is so much hope in Him!


  5. Posted by Beth on August 8, 2008 at 8:30 am

    I am so happy for you! You have wanted this for quite some time and I pray you will feel fulfilled. I love how your church celebrates baptisms! How special and wonderful!!! Now I want to drive up and get re-baptisted. : )


  6. Hi Joni, I found your blog through Marla Saunders. So excited for the baptism – I hope it was an amazing day!


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