Fat, depression, and hormones

I originally put this on my ragamuffinTop post but think it fits better on its own. Regarding the weight loss challenge, I really haven’t done well. Depression is kicking my arse. Sad thing is(no pun intended šŸ™‚ ), exercise will help relieve depression symptoms but depression deters motivation. Really, the one thing that is good is that I’m trying not to give up being public about this.

I talked to my doctor this week and he said that 2/3 of the medications I take, promote weight loss so essentially the deck is stacked against me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain how I lost 14 lbs last year with the same depression. I got my blood work redone but don’t have results on any of that yet. He’s referring me to a psychiatrist who he feels is better qualified to look at all the symptoms(aka, crazy mommy) and dial-in any med changes. I also need to follow up with my OB/GYN and talk about those meds plus schedule my follow-up mammogram from February’s “calcification check”.

At least my neck doesn’t hurt!


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  1. Hey Joni,

    Just remember that you’re not alone. I know so many people who struggle with depression. I have been on Lexapro for anxiety/panic for almost a year now and I thank God it worked because before meds it began to sink me into a depression wondering when the panic attacks would ever end. 8 years later I finally found a medication to help me.

    Ohhh and I too am a crazy mommy! =) Im starting to wonder if its just normal. I mean neurotic seems to be in right now, and Im kinda ok with that šŸ˜‰

    I will be praying for you, for the right meds, and for Gods hand to hold you tight through the rough moments.



  2. I have been fighting depression for some time and I know the catch-22 all too well. Exercise will help the depression but depression takes away the motivation.

    One thing I have been focusing on this week is just start. My elliptical is in my bedroom and I’ll get on it for a few minutes…don’t push myself and end up doing the 1/2 hour I didn’t originally feel like doing.

    I tried to up my goal but it sent me downhill (more on my ragamuffin post tomorrow, er, later today) so I went back to my original goal.

    Thanks for sharing your struggles. I take zoloft for my depression but that doesn’t mean it keeps it away. I’m just able to better handle situations, children, life, etc.

    Ummm, I forgot my point to this comment so I guess I’ll let you go.


  3. I haven’t been medicated yet, but it gets bad here sometimes too. I think all moms of young kids are prone to depression. We suffer from loss of identity, with so much sacrifice to take care of little people. The weight of knowing we’re responsible for the lives of those little people is hard to bear sometimes. I’m hoping as they get older and more independent, I’ll be finding more time to myself to concentrate on better care of me. Hang in there!


  4. i agree mysticat. there is an identity crisis with mothering young kiddos. and it DOES get better the older they get. mine are 14 and, almost, 12. what a huge difference these ages make. like, ginormously huge!

    joni – i hope they get your blood work and meds in order. i know that will make an impact!


  5. […] my previous post on “Fat, Depression and Hormones“, you may have deduced I would have jumped off a bridge by now. Not so. I got my blood work […]


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