For months and probably a couple of years, I have been staring at our trees. They’re driving me crazy. They need to be trimmed up and cut back. Unfortunately, they’ve been let go for so long that cutting them back is more difficult, time consuming and they’ll look awkward until they start to grow back properly. I admire my neighbor who is willing to do the hard work for the long term result. And her foliage looks great.

OK, we had a tree service give us an estimate. $1000 to do all the trees the way they need to be done. $800 to only do the backyard trees. $400 to do one tree. We don’t have that money to spend on trees.

In comes the “driving me crazy” part. I look at the trees. I see branches that need cut. I can’t reach them. I don’t have the strength. I can prune my roses. They’re only 4 ft tall. I stress because the trees taunt me. Every time I see the messy trees I see things undone and in my way. Until I found the tool. I didn’t think I’d know how to use it or if I was strong enough. Its the pole saw/trimmer. I can reach 10-14 feet up the tree. I have a huge pile of branches in the burn pile now. With every slice I felt better. I got a little happier. I became super woman. The kids hollered, “look! Mom’s cutting down the tree!” I used muscles. I worked out. I probably strained my neck too much but I made progress. Things I’ve been wanting gone are removed. There’s MUCH more to do but it got dark and I figured I’d hurt myself or put the pole through a window.

I love pruning. I love it more now that I can do it myself and don’t have to wait for or pay someone else. Tomorrow? I may rent a chainsaw.


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  1. You go girl! My hubby has one of those and takes a whack to the trees every now and then. We have 10 big trees in our yard, and when we moved here, they were in awful shape. They’re looking better over time as hubby takes out the dead stuff. Keep at it! I admire your thriftiness.


  2. Posted by Lisa on August 19, 2008 at 8:24 am

    Good for you! Pruning resonates with me on so many levels – pruning clutter, pruning my self-loathing, pruning our spending. It’s freeing, isn’t it! Even with the short-term pain of having to do it, it’s an investment well made.

    I envy the roses! Can’t get them to grow here.


  3. Posted by Momma Donna on August 19, 2008 at 11:32 am

    Thanks for the good idea. I’ve got lots of dead stuff that needs trimming out and a husband who would rather go fishing!!!


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