More Kid Quotes and Overhears

Annaliese: Mom do washable markers wash off the paper?
Mom: No, they wash off of you if you get any on you(dumb thing to say)
(after a few minutes of silence in the kitchen)Annaliese: Mom! I have to wash my hands!
(Huge Gasp from the bathroom) They REALLY ARE WASHABLE!

JD: I’m going to tell Laura(our neighbor) that Curious George has a crap in his foot.
Me: A what?
JD: A crap
Me: A what?!
JD: A crap
Me: Oh, a cramp
JD: No, a crap. Oh, I mean a cramp in his foot.


One response to this post.

  1. LOL!! I should write down things like that. It’s too cute!

    Like, one time we had a possum in our yard that was acting wierd, so I called the fish and game guys to come get it and when Bryan got home, Megan said, “Dad, we had a possum in the yard, and we think it had radibetes!” That’s rabies, to the lay person 🙂


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