You just might be…

Inspired by Anne Jackson’s is this rude? post and based on something I saw yesterday:

If your children’s lemonade stand sign is printed on the back of an empty Budweiser case and duct taped to the stop sign on the corner, you just might be a redneck.

Although I must say that it is environmentally conscious to reuse items and shows a new generation the entrepreneurial spirit. Usually, we’re the neighbors our neighbors whisper about.


2 responses to this post.

  1. JR; our house is on a corner lot on the main street in our neighborhood.

    Every week there are signs taped to the stop sign. Garage sale, found your dog, lost my dog, wash your car, cut your grass, this way to the party.

    It’s not that I mind them putting them up. Although the stop sign doesn’t belongto me it is in my yard.

    I just wish even half of the people who put their signs up would come back and take them down.


  2. You’re right the sign taped to the stop sign didn’t get me so much since we always have some sort of signs on the corner. I thought the budweiser case was a nice touch to the lemonade stand ad however.


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