Our cat


September 1992 – September 3, 2008


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  1. Wow, I bet that cat could feed an entire family of twelve in any given third world country! jk jk

    We used to have a black tuxedo cat that weighed over twenty-five pounds. He ruled this part of the neighborhood.

    One day our neighbor called and said that Hippo (our cat) looked like he was sleeping in their flower bed.

    She couldn’t bring her self to tell us that the cat had a massive coronary from being so fat and died in her yard. I burried him out back.


  2. Oh, poor Goofy. But he did live a long, loved life. I hope he and my Charlie are up in kitty heaven, chasing laser pointer lights or something 🙂 I know he’ll be missed. Bye for now Goofy!


  3. Posted by Joni on September 4, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    That pic is about a year old maybe? My grandparents-in-law kept Goofy for awhile and they pretty much let him eat all day long out of the bag! He was 22 lbs at his biggest. A very long, tall, hefty cat indeed. Because of his Diabetes though he was about 16 lbs recently.


  4. dang. dang.



  5. Oh man what a jerk I was! I’m so sorry I didn’t read closely enough to notice this is the pet you put down.

    I know how difficult that decision was.

    Please forgive my insensativity. 😦


  6. Posted by Momma Donna on September 4, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    I’ll miss Goofy! He was such a good cat, good disposition, (better than some people I know!) and he was loved by our whole family. In fact lived with G. Pa and G. Ma Stump, and was part of our household for a while. I still miss my Sweet Pea so very much so don’t be surprised if you remember Goofy every day from now on.
    Momma Donna


  7. Posted by Joni on September 4, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    mssc54, all is forgiven. Actually, I didn’t take any offense to your comment. I liked your Hippo story. Poor little thing.

    We have pictures of Goofy with my then 6 yr old daughter and I swear he’s almost as big as she is.


  8. Joni, thank you for your gracious attitude.

    … about Hippo. One of my daughter’s friend gave her that kitten on her 16th birthday. I was furious! I know she will only be at home for a couple or three years and then I would be stuck with that dang cat. Of course you know how it goes. She swore that wouldn’t happen…. ha!

    What I find most interesting is that when the cat was abourt 6 weeks old and so tiny and cute she named him Hippo.

    That just proves the Biblical principle of speaking things into existance. You name a kitten Hippo and a few years later he is the fatest cat in the neighborhood! I did like all the “gifts” he would leave on the front porch. As fat as that cat was I still can’t figure out how he would catch squirls! Maybe he crouched down low and just looked like a black rock sliding across the ground.


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