I love church

I’m seriously ignoring my goal of floor cleaning by writing this morning. I just needed to get back to the blog. So, back to my title, “I love church”.

Had an awesome experience yesterday at church. Served this weekend in Wahabu Land (the land of God’s love) with the K-5th graders. I get to lead music once a month and yesterday, I got to have my two oldest kids up front with me. They did a good job. Maddie helping JD with the motions(correcting him mostly) but the kids seemed into the music and there were some new faces having a good time.

Then I got to go into the “big church” and listen to Scott‘s message. Since we have 3 services each weekend, I get to participate 3 times so by the third time, I sat down in the lobby with a pad of paper and pen. And had a serious brain dump. I wrote notes from the message as they hit me. I cleared my head of all the “to dos” and “need to gets”. About three pages worth I think. Serving in this way is kind of like Mom’s weekend out. I get some alone time, some extra music time, some friend time, some serve time, some pray time.

I started to just touch on a couple things from the message and yeah, I’m gonna have to do a separate post. You people don’t have that kind of time to read a super long post. More later. Or, you can check out the Orchard for podcasts. I highly recommend.

I wish I could hang out at our weekend gatherings more. Or would that be considered stalking? Can you stalk a church? Creepy.


3 responses to this post.

  1. There really is nothing like the feeling of making a difference in the lives of children!


  2. Posted by Dolores on September 9, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    Joni, you’re not alone. Sometimes I want to go on Saturday night just so I can get a double dose. Nothing wrong with that????


  3. I’m so glad you got some mommy church time. That’s sooo important. You know I have the same schedule….I’m in children’s ministries and they really want me to make sure I find my own time to sit in on church. They’ve scheduled me only on the first Sundays, and on Wednesday nights. I really need my time alone with the Lord….stalking God….hmmmm never thought about it that way. I bet He loves that! You’re too funny!


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