Parenting Tip

Once your child can talk clearly, don’t bring them into the stall with you in a public bathroom.

Some things are private and some things are VERY private.


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  1. That’s funny.

    Here’s what I do with my little four year old guy.

    First of all he loves those urinals that go all the way to the floor. He feels so grown up using those.

    However, I mostly take him into the stall with me. Each time we do this I first instruct him, “Don’t touch anything!” So he goes “potty” first. Since we’ve done this so much now when he finishes he steps back and says “Okay, daddy now you can go on top of mine.” It’s just so cute. So the routine after he is done and I’m “going” is that I have him hold onto my back pockets until I’m finished. That keeps his hands from being somewhere they don’t need to be.

    Another thing that is really funny…

    I always flush with my foot (no telling what’t been on somebody’s hand to flush before me). Now if I’m not careful the little guy tries to reach his foot up to flush. lol


  2. I just laughed out loud!! I know exactly what you mean! 😉


  3. aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

    love. it!!!


  4. No kidding! I now give my son the same speech every time as we go into public bathrooms- “Don’t touch anything and don’t say anything.” It’s bad enough when he wants to talk about what he observes in the stall, but even worse when he wants to comment on what’s happening in the next stall over!


  5. Posted by Beth on September 11, 2008 at 8:15 am

    mssc54 – my youngest does the same thing about the peeing on top of his. I also use my foot to flush….but I didn’t think about the kids trying it. Thanks for the heads up!

    My tip is to also not take your kids in the stall after they learn or can reach the door! Not good!!!


  6. Oh, have I been there!

    “What’s that red stuff, Mommy?”
    “Shew, somebody stinks!”
    “Look, my poop is green!”

    Yep, heard it all.


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