Madison Avenue hamstrings moms

OK, has anyone else noticed the incredible inundation of tv toy ads (even more so than usual) this month? I have. There are about 5-8 minutes of toy commercials in between each kid show on Nick Jr. and Playhouse Disney. You know they’re trying to get into people’s heads early. Ick. I know I can just turn it off and I do but it irks me.

And candy and crappy toy marketing at checkout lines just makes it hard to be a good mom. It takes that much more work to say no–constantly–and stay consistent.

And scantily clad women and/or suggestive scenes on magazine covers at the checkout line eye level to children. I have seen several magazines turned over to hide the cover and I have done the same myself. Sometimes the back isn’t much better. Plus, the majority of story lines on the covers are based on sexuality. I can turn off my tv but I HAVE to be exposed to these things at the store or else I’d be stealing by avoiding the cashier. And no, you can’t just turn away because they also now have tvs to sell their ads. Nice.

Lets see, anything else? Don’t EVEN get me started on McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s whoever and THEIR crappy little made in China toxic toys.

Its hard enough to be a mom without having to constantly argue with your children about having this and that or seeing things they ought not. How about a little help from corporate America?

And another thing, do all car commercials HAVE to include a woman writhing all over the thing?


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  1. When we got our “new kids” they were two and four years old.

    We determined to do some things differently with them. One thing was establishing good eating habits right off the bat.

    No candy, soda or really any junk fo0d.

    The other day I picked up my little guy from K4 and he walked out with a sucker in his mouth and a HAND FULL of Pixi Sticks! I asked him what he was doing with all that candy. He told me that his teacher is leaving and she gave it to all the kids. I asked him if he was supposed to be eating a bunch of candy. Of course he responded no. The teacher couldn’t believe it when I told him he could keep the sucker but too throw the Pixi Sticks in the trash. She grabbed them out of his hand as he was about to toss them.


  2. Oh wait! You forgot the cell phone commercials with all the snotty little kids talking to their parents like they deserve their phones!!!! AAAAHHHH!!


  3. Oh I HATE those! Good one.


  4. Posted by Joni on September 19, 2008 at 10:01 am

    And dare I say there is no need for: Hannah Montana, High School Musical I & II, Camp Rock clothing, lunch boxes, dolls, etc. When Miley Cyrus starts wearing Maddie Ruhs t-shirts, THEN I’ll buy one of hers.


  5. I have made it a point so far to stay away from named celeb merchandise, shows, and movies. It’s just not cute to me. I feel like it’s kind of akin to worshipping the person.

    I have to say that my girls are super-picky and it’s been a real challenge to keep a good variety of healthy food in their diet. I’m just doing the best I can to limit snacks and junk-food and teach them by example as I eat healthy things and tell them about what I’m eating.


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