Am I Just Weird?

JD went to an awesome birthday party today. Fun stuff to do including a traveling reptile show–real reptiles, not a guy in a costume! Relaxed mom throwing the party, boys running around in a pack consuming too much sugar, snacks and pop. Lots of fun.

Now the invitation said “drop off or stay”. Since this is a new friend from school and I didn’t know the family I thought I’d stay and get to know them and help here and there. I was the only mom who stayed. I know the other moms who dropped off kids didn’t know the family because I saw them introduce themselves to mom. Am I just weird for wanting to stay? Initially I wanted to look over the environment since I didn’t know the family. But also, I just saw it as a good way to meet JDs friends and their moms. I wish some other moms would have stayed–at least for a little while. They missed VERY cool reptiles and fabulous food. When I was working last year I felt like I missed out on getting to know other parents since I really couldn’t volunteer much. Now I pick up the kids and let them hang out on the playground. Some to blow off some steam and some to meet parents and the kids. I want to know this stuff.

Is that weird in this day and age?

And by the way, the boy’s parents were very friendly and seemed to enjoy celebrating their son. Good vibe.


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  1. Posted by Beth on September 22, 2008 at 8:23 am

    I am right with you! I am hesitant to just drop off my kid when I don’t know the family. Birthday parties and playgrounds are great places to get to know other Moms and make new friends. Getting to know other Moms is a big reason I am so active in our school’s PTO. I have met some wonderful people, make lots of friends and learned alot of things.

    I think in this day and age families move more often and we, as parents, have to really work to make new friends since we don’t typically live where we were raised (so fewer close friends live nearby and many times no family lives close).

    I think it is a responsible parent that checks out the parents before leaving your kids in their care. You never know what kind of hobbies (guns) or values/morals they have.


  2. Posted by Sherri on September 22, 2008 at 11:06 am

    Rock on, Joni!

    Dan and I always stay…unless we know the family, and the parents REALLY well (or the party is fun BECAUSE of the parents : )). Kelsey has already been invited to sleep-over parties, and we have yet to say yes.

    We believe it not only protects our girls, but it is a great way to get to know our daughter’s friends and their families!

    You are NOT weird…you’re a great mom! Don’t let society/other parents determine your choices/views.


  3. Not weird frugal and environentally friendly!


  4. Ok I so thought i was commenting your other post hee hee.


  5. I am NOT a drop-off mommy. I have to know all the people around my kids really well before I let them stay anywhere without me. I think that’s called being a responsible parent.

    Especially kids of that age–my oldest is 6 and I stay with her at all birthday parties. I don’t like other people’s kids running amuk, then feeling wierd having to discipline them to stop bothering my kid. That’s THEIR parents’ job!


  6. Posted by Lori on September 23, 2008 at 9:02 am

    I’m not a drop off mommy either. I’ve always stayed at EVERY party, unless it was her very best friend and I knew the parents very well. And that has been once. I just recently gave up my OKLAHOMA tix in order to stay at a swim party with her. Just too much liability to rely on anyone else’s mom to watch her swim. I just think that’s part of our job as a parent, they are still just little kids!!!!!


  7. Joni;


    This is a perfect example of selfish parenting where parents jump at every oppertunity to sluff off their kids on someone else. Virtual strangers at that!

    So then, I guess as usual there were no daddies there except the birthday child’s dad. This just irritates me.


  8. Posted by Frankie on September 26, 2008 at 9:23 am

    you are not weird for wanting to stay. I would have done the same thing. I like meeting other parents and Emmy likes having other kids to play with. Its a win-win. It makes you a better mom for wanting to have fun with your kids and take part in their experiences.


  9. I could never just drop my kids off with people I don’t know. There is just no way. I’d normally stay just to check it out but if I feel comfortable enough I would stay and visit too. However, my kids have had the same friends from pre-school, so I know most of the moms


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