Health Tip

It is always a bad idea to demonstrate the jump rope to your child if you have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and arthritis AND a neurosurgeon has restricted you from jarring movements. Like jumping on concrete.


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  1. I sure hope this lesson was learned before a trip to the Chiropractor’s office.


  2. Hmm I can see how this would be a problem. I see a Chiropractor visit in your near future.


  3. I saw a news article on Drudge Report (Odd News) where this six year old girl was dangling her jump rope outside the car window.

    You guessed it…

    The rope got under the rear tire and ripped her hand off.

    Surgeons successfully reattached it and she is exopected to make a full recovery!

    It was an amazing story and video. The little girl was more worried about all the adults being upset.

    Typical child-like innocence.


  4. Joni! You rebel. Sit down with some ice packs and then call the chiropractor.


  5. joni, joni, joni!


  6. Bad idea…but funny for us to read about.


  7. Posted by Trisha Sellers on October 5, 2008 at 7:03 am

    So Joni, I suppose this is small stuff compared to what’s happened to you since. I have wanted (and should learn to do it at the time) to ask how are you with this and what ultimately happened.


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