Odd string of events

The last 4 days have brought lots of swirling into our lives. Doug had emergency surgery to repair a hernia. I was escorted to the same ICU waiting room that a friend sat in while her husband clung to life and later lost it. My sister informed me of the awful and accidental death of her brother-in-law and the horror the family is experiencing. They asked me to sing at the services. Its a two hour drive and with Doug recovering and kids going to school at 2 different times of the day, I can’t make the trip. Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of my sister Barb’s death. Today is the 21st anniversary of my mother’s death. Both to the same disease–Type 1 Diabetes and its complications.

JD lost his first tooth and asked, “are there still tooth fairies in the United States? So what do we do?”

Amazing friends watching our kids and feeding us; I changed our W4 so we have a little extra in the paycheck; Some bills paid, some not

Getting work done in the house to keep head above water; resorting to 90% Twitter/10% blog; can’t figure out how to get Twitter in the sidebar and I can’t take the time to play with it


5 responses to this post.

  1. im sorry.

    my heart is heavy for you.

    wish i could make everything better. i really do joni.


  2. Posted by Joni on October 3, 2008 at 12:38 am

    I’m so fortunate to be on the periphery of most of this. Mentally I just feel one thing after the other, drip drip drip. I have rarely felt more out of control. I can’t fix any of it for my friends and family. And that is what turns my stomach. Still, I do smile every time I see that gap in JDs teeth. He’s concerned that after 4 days, his new tooth has not grown in. Maddie assures him that in time, it will.


  3. Posted by Denise on October 3, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Hang in there Joni!!!
    Ultimately it’s all out of our control…try to keep looking for those “missing tooth” kind of moments over the next few days to help get you past this tough patch. In the meantime, I’m in your corner!!!


  4. Hey Joni! I’m sending you a comment hug LOL!’Stay strong sister you are one tough cookie! Oh and an AMAZING mother and wife. I know you’ll soldier through but I’ll start sending some prayer up for you.


  5. Imagine the planning it took to get all of this lined up at the same time.

    I bet you have something amazing just over the horizon! 😉


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