I read Perry Noble’s post about their upcoming series at Newspring Church in Anderson, SC called “Beautiful” and it reminded me of Christina Aguilera’s song “Beautiful“. As I recall, the song is based in feelings toward her father and perhaps even the media and public at the time it was released. I think she is an amazingly talented performer and I have bristled at the blatant sexuality portrayed in her videos and public persona. Still, what I admire about her and others is the courage to live their lives way out loud and in the fish bowl. To be as they say true to themselves and their art and to grow or fall through it. Madonna has said that the period of time where the Sex book and some of her more pornographic videos/movies were about discovering her sexuality among other things and not being afraid of it. She also has said that she made some foolish choices but writes it off to her personal growth.

I think we as Christian women can learn tons from these ladies. We may not agree with their portrayals, their fashion, their in your face style but it seems they have the courage to live with themselves, be who they are, when they are, and move on. OK, yeah, I don’t any of these celebs personally so I could be way off but lets take note of what we can see. They are women with talent, courage–especially to put their very personal art out for all to see no matter the critique–, faults, fears, wise and unwise choices. I would love to live this fearlessly.


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