Financial Non-cents

Warning: stoner logic ahead…

I think that I will be ok in this volatile and recessed or depressed economy. I plan on using my credit cards as much as possible. With all the banks and financial firms failing, eventually the credit companies will fail and I won’t have to pay back a dime. Now THAT’S a bailout plan worth signing!

To increase short-term cash flow, I will flippantly visit Walk-In care clinics so that my Flexible Savings Account will reimburse me for the uncovered portion. I’ll deal with the doctor bill later. (Why do you think Doug has so many *wink**wink* hernia surgeries?)


3 responses to this post.

  1. sockin it to’em!


  2. Somewhere I read:

    “Be anxious for nothing but by all prayer and supplicatin, make your requests be made known unto God.”

    So after this election, during this down turn in the economy, in the middle of all the underhanded voter fraud…

    God is still on His throne.
    Jesus is still The Savior.
    The Holy Spirit is alive, well and working in us.

    Peace be still and know that the Lord thy God is in control. 😉


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