Bedtime wind down

Arthritis and other pain pretty bad tonight. Too late to take an Advil PM. I’ll be a zombie for 14 hours. Now see, if I had a good prescription pain reliever, I’d only be out 4 hrs at a time and I’d be functional in the morning. Time to get the chiropractor and pain specialist back in my life I think. Lower back excruciating. Stretching and mild exercise didn’t work yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.

FUEL leadership gathering at church tonight was great. I love getting together with grown ups. Especially these grown ups. What an amazing team I get to serve with. They have been absolutely critical in our family making it through these last couple weeks–well, ok, the last 3 years really.

I’m sad Doug couldn’t go though. He gets so inspired from it. Loves to hear all the good stuff going on. He went back to work Monday and then to his night class until 10:30 pm. Long day. He just needed to rest tonight. Still having to pack the open part of his surgical wound which isn’t healing quickly(drat). He’s growing tired of that part of recovery.

My kids are stunning me with their curiosity of God, Jesus, and all the “how does” “why” and “when” questions having to do with both. Here are a few:

When will Jesus raise us from the dead?   Do “died” people try to open their eyes? How many miles is heaven? 300? (yes, from JD) Will Goofy (the cat we put down in September) have another birthday? “I don’t want you not to love us when we do something wrong.” (not kidding–that one just before bed) I had a great opportunity to tell my kids that there is nothing they could do that would make me stop loving them. I didn’t love them because of the things they do. I love them because they are my children. JD seemed quite happy about that. The other questions? I told them the truth: I don’t know. I’d be happy to talk about it in the morning. I’ve got 7 hours to figure it all out. Um, yeah.

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  1. How exciting your children are so inquisitive about the Savior!


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