If you’re not familiar with the term FIFO, it stands for First In, First Out. An asset-management and valuation method in which the assets produced or acquired first are sold, used or disposed of first. For example, if you buy the same stock on different days, then sell some of that stock later, the profit/loss is based on the first set of shares you bought. The first ones you sell will be removed from the first ones you bought.

Well, as it applies to teeth, it just so happens that the first two teeth JD got when he was 4 months old, are the first two teeth he’s lost. The second was extracted by the boy himself just an hour ago. I’m a little weepy over it.  



4 responses to this post.

  1. Almost sad when they start making those milestones.

    Get ready mom next week he will be in middle school. Or at least it will seem like a week when you l ook back.


  2. Awww! Why do they have to grow up so fast.


  3. aawwww. those pics made my bottom lip stick out.

    they grow so fast!


  4. Yip..that is how it works 🙂 Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when he cut those first two?


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