Forward to normal?

Yesterday, I got to thinking about how life changes. I was feeling that disruptions seem to be coming at us one after another. Some bigger than others.

 Changes in how our family operates, how we relate to one another or others, how we live our lives day to day. Seems whenever we are directed through a life detour, I keep expecting the road to lead back around and return us to our original course–back to normal. The way I knew how to do it.  Revelation!

Life doesn’t go back to normal. We are directed forward into a different normal. Methods that previously worked are now awkward and more painful, seemingly impossible to navigate. Do old ways ever work in new times? I don’t know. I’m still thinking that through. Maybe instead of trying to get back to normal, we can hang on for the detour forward. It sounds excruciating to me to willingly(or not) allow myself to embark on a course I did not chart. Especially if it is a course I never would have charted had I the choice. And especially if I don’t get to pick the speed or pace of the journey.

We could relate this to culture–are innovators more successful than those that maintain the norm? Spiritually–do I or should I live out my belief system the same today as I did when I first chose it? Emotionally–do I expect to feel normal through and after crises? Is it a relief to know we don’t have to struggle to find normal? That wherever you’re at, that’s where your normal is–even if it’s crappy? Until the next step forward to the next normal. I don’t have any answers. I’m just asking. Its stuff that pops into my head during rare alone moments when I don’t turn on the car radio.


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  1. In the last three years I have had cancer and lost both my father and my father-n-law. These crazy changes in life can make us crazy like you mentioned. Normal is changing. Reinventing our lives is not fun, but by the grace of God there is still more in front of us. We might be different, but it does not have to be a bad different. It can be a more sensitive to my family relationships and the health of others different. Isn’t that always needed?


  2. Posted by Lisa Price on October 27, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    “That wherever you’re at, that’s where your normal is–even if it’s crappy?”

    Yes, wherever you are, that’s the new “normal”. Until you’re not there anymore. It’s all contingent, isn’t it? What’s normal for a me as the wife of a cancer survivor isn’t the same as what’s normal as the wife of a healthy husband.

    It’s recursive, or at least it seems so to me. There’s pieces of normal in the new view, but not the entire old normal. Kinda like building as you go, creating the new normal as you move through it – because of all the moving parts, you really can’t stay on the same normal for long.

    Thank goodness though, right?


  3. Normal is a very fluid thing.

    Whatever “normal” is. lol


  4. I’m finding for me that I have to let go of the idea of “getting back to normal” and stop waiting for it before I take certain actions. For some, letting go isn’t even an option yet, nor should it be. 3 of my neighbors have lost spouses since we’ve lived here. 2 of them since Easter. The one I’m closer to, I watch kind of go through his day and get things done but its certainly not normal for him yet.


  5. Having 3 kids has taught me that life is always changing, even day to day. We get set in little routines, but as a child or children reach milestones, those routines must change. It’s really been a learning experience for me, a creature of habit. But I think I’m learning it well just by living it.


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