And now for the zillionth blog post on voting today…

My kids are so weird. At 7, 5, and 4 yrs old, they are totally into the election. My oldest begged me to vote for Barack Obama. I ask why. She says she just likes him better than John McCain. No other reason. They sat through the conventions with us. Maddie woke up this morning and from her room I hear her call out, “It’s Election Day!” By the time I got to the polling place there was a bit of a line and some machines weren’t working. JD and Annaliese did an awesome job sitting in side chairs playing on JDs mini Star Wars computer. Annaliese came up and checked in with me now and again. When it was my turn to vote, she ran back to the chairs and shouted, “JD, mom’s voting now. Come on!” So I did my voting thing and as we’re leaving, I noticed JD trying to sneak through between the voting booth and the wall–foot on the plug and outlet. “Nooooooo!” I holler and he just misses knocking out the plug on 16 voting machines. If its going to happen to anyone…

All that aside, I noticed there was a disproportionate number of older election volunteers running the joint. Not that that is bad but I wondered–where are all the young people? If I return after 5 pm, will the non-retired crowd be manning the post? One thing that excites me about this election is the stunning percentage of voter turnout expected. Did I hear an estimate of 80% somewhere? How cool is that to see so many people want to have their say? I’m so glad to see us all get off the couch! I am also excited to see the amount of young people (30 and under) who have risen up to get involved. But not only in this election, but around the world fighting poverty and injustice, finding creative ways to approach the same ol’ same ol’. 

We’re doing a song this weekend with the lyrics, “I see a generation, rising up to take their place, with selfless faith…” I can so resonate with those words. At 42, I keep fearing I will have diminshing influence to reach out and identify with the up and coming generation. But I’m excited to see amazing talent and passion and longing in the youth of our world. Who knows what part I will get to play–aside from raising my own next generation at home, most likely passing a baton of some sort. Thankfully there are lots of “runners” out there reaching for it! Rise up kiddos, rise up!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I apologize for the hideous writing style in the above post. Tried to get it out quick so I could hang out with Annaliese and actually eat lunch today!!!


  2. I can see it on MSNBC now. Voting irregularities in suburban Chicago. Hundreds of votes lost. Skull duggery is afoot!

    Seriously though. Have you seen the stories about how the high turnout is straining the system. It’s kind of sad that we complain that everybody doesn’t vote, when the truth is, our system couldn’t handle them if they did.


  3. The only thing better than a large turn out for voting would be if the voters were actually knowledgable about why they are voting for their particular candidate.

    Like this uneducated, voter.

    Early in our country’s history only property owners could vote. I’m beginning to understand the wisdome in that!



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