Veterans Day

I know a few veterans. Some in my family. Some in my neighborhood. Some are my friends.

Thank you for joining an organization knowing full well you may be put into harm’s way. Thank you to Mark M., Mark R., Bobby, Stephanie, Tim, Uncle Jack, Uncle Bud(you always looked so handsome in that uniform).

I have a new blog friend with a compelling story of his family’s experience. If you are willing to take a minute, please visit Michael here.

Let’s continue to pray for those in harm’s way, those who returned but remain in a different kind of harm’s way, their families and friends. Let’s especially pray for the families and friends of those who returned in coffins–whom we will again honor and remember on Memorial Day.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Joni, thank you for the recognition of my son-in-law’s ultimate act of love and sacrifice.

    Thank you to your family members too who have chosen to preserve the American way of life.



  2. The men and women who sacrifice time and lives to serve our country are truly my heroes. I pray that they will all be honored in one way or another today and forever.


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