My new favorite innovators

The Imagination Movers!! If you and your kids spend any time watching Playhouse Disney on the Disney Channel, you’ll have heard of the new show about solving problems creatively with four guys called the Imagination Movers. Prior to having their own show, Playhouse Disney would air a video or two from this musical group in between shows. They are very talented and my kids’ favorites. My kids pretend to be the Movers by having their own band and trying new ideas to solve their “idea emergencies”. Check out a show. Here is an excerpt from their website.

The Movers – Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty — began in New Orleans in 2003 and now are fast-rising stars on the national kids music scene thanks to their combination of radio-friendly songs, kid-friendly themes and dynamic live shows. In concert, the Movers teach high-energy dances, play games with the audience and make music on their one-of-a-kind trashcan drumset. Kids and parents help perform new kids classics like “Shakable You,” “The Medicine Song,” “What’s in the Fridge?” and “I Want My Mommy (Time for Bed).”

In September 2008, Disney Channel debuted a new television series featuring Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty as blue-collar brainstormers working hard to solve “idea emergencies” in their Idea Warehouse, a clearinghouse of infinite inspirations. Through songs, stories and skits, Imagination Movers moves kids to exercise their bodies and brains.

Movers audio and video encourages kids to “reach high, think big, work hard and have fun!” The Movers themselves are leading by example as they captivate new fans daily with their winning sound and style.

Finally, CityBusiness has announced its 2008 Innovator of the Year honorees, recognizing 50 companies and individuals who continue to keep the New Orleans area a center for creativity. And guess who’s one on the Innovators of the Year?



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Beth on November 13, 2008 at 11:58 am

    I love them too! I was so glad when they got their own show. Riley loves them so much.


  2. Can’t believe I haven’t seen these guys yet!

    We TiVo most of the Disney stuff… although you have to be careful with some t hings.

    I think Hanna Montanna is way to sexualized.

    But maybe that’s just my sensative dad side. 🙂


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