Shop ’til you drop–or kill someone!

Floating Axhead has a good post about the upcoming boycott season. Worth the read. Some comments talked about the consumerism thing and lets not celebrate Christmas but use our time and money for better things than landfill fodder. As I started to comment, I found myself rambling as per usual so I brought it over here for a post. 

Little ways to celebrate non-consumer Christmas aside from the standard donating and volunteering you may do anyway…

  • Instead of throwing away Christmas, use this time of year culturally and be generous to those in need
  • Teach kids by letting them pick out something (using their own hard earned money) to give away.
  • Offer to babysit(for free) a single mom or dad’s kids so they can shop or go to a party or help in their kid(s) classroom
  • Return a cart in the parking lot to save an older person the trip
  • Tip Well (click the link if you’re unsure how–this is a huge problem in Christian circles)
  • Be nice at family gatherings
  • Help the person in the check out line when they are short a buck or a quarter
  • Buy the pharmacist and assistants in the 24 hr drug store a coffee shop card to thank them for being there all night when you get your prescription from the ER
  • Don’t judge the mom or dad with wild kids in the store; their shenanigans may be the LEAST of the parents’ worries at the moment; smile and move on with your life

Got any more ideas?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Beth on November 14, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    I love giving or donating in someone else’s name as a gift to them. My parents, aunts, etc really don’t need more stuff and appreciate that we adopt a family for Christmas so they can get coats, gloves, food, etc.


  2. Love your ideas. Think we can start a trend?

    We always invite someone, we know will be alone, to enjoy Christmas with us.

    I always have to work Thanksgiving day, so hubby spends it with his parents. Since we don’t spend money cooking a big meal, we buy it anyway and give it to a family in need.


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