Forgive? When?

Forgiveness can be tricky. When I feel better, I will forgive. When I understand the situation, I will forgive. When I’m not so mad, hurt, humiliated, torn, I will forgive. When I can finally have some peace, I will forgive. When I find healing, I will forgive.  Floating Axhead posted an interesting story about a remarkable situation. Take a read.


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  1. Posted by Beth on December 2, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    I completely agree that forgiveness is tricky. I personally have to put myself in the other person’s shoes or understand more of the situation before I can fully and completely forgive. I wasn’t able to completely forgive my abusive father until I realized he was mentally ill. I’m just glad God doesn’t have the challenges forgiving like we humans do.


  2. Unforgiveness is very ugly. It will change you into something…. well, just plain ole nasty!

    Forgiveness is not for the one who has “caused us pain.” Forgiveness is for those of us who NEED to live a healthy, loving lifestyle.

    Without question THIS is the most difficult act of forgiveness I have ever had to walk through.


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