Girls and dogs

What Champ says: *whining* “Arr arr arr bark bark arr arr; jump jump on the patio door; arr arr”

Annaliese comes running out of her room: *gasp* “oh puppy what’s the matter? Are you scared? Come here boy. Maddie! We have to let Champ in the room because he’s all alone!”

What Champ is REALLY saying: “Pleeeease let me out! Let me out! There’s a squirrel! I want to catch him and toss him around! Pleeeeease let me out!”

Sometimes we just don’t need to know everything. Its better to live in hope and compassion–to believe the best and comfort a dog that would actually like to eat a squirrel.img_1679


3 responses to this post.

  1. awwww.

    sweet kids! shows their caring hearts.

    good job mama!


  2. Beautiful girls!

    Nope there are things they don’t need to know yet. Doesn’t look like it bothers Champ too much.


  3. that’s funny!!! my poor puppy clings to me… little do my kids know it’s because they’re trying to get away from him! 😉


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