Easy way out?

I don’t care how early it is. I will put these wild animal children to bed and eat chocolate all night if I have to! I am convinced you will all see me on an episode of “Intervention” skulking down the clearance Christmas treat aisle, sneaking 2 for 1 items in my cart. Upon loading groceries in the truck I will be shoving the caramel/chocolate bar in my purse to eat when the kids aren’t looking. It was just like Ryan on last night’s episode who ran panicky into his bathroom with the Oxycontin he just scored and pushed his friends out of the way to prep for injection.

OK, I’ve avoided the wildlife in the back of the house long enough. I will track them and at just the right moment, pounce, drag to bath time and send immediately to bed. Now if I could get the dog to stop licking off my hand lotion while I’m trying to type.


5 responses to this post.

  1. *laughing* I thought we had the only dog in the world who liked the taste of lotion!

    Contraband chocolate is my favorite.


  2. Joni I’ll start looking for a 12 step program for both of us! I bought 10 bags of hershey kisses for .33 cents at walgreens!


  3. Check with your HMO… see how much thet will pay for a feeding tube. You can just load a bag of chocolate under your shirt and no one will know. 😉

    PS: Our middle daughter is the senior Pharm Tech in this district for Walgreens. We get the employee discounts!


  4. Just got back from the grocery store. Barely made it out alive!!


  5. Posted by annetteoatright on January 8, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    That’s too funny. Larry and I scored so much Christmas packaged chocolate at those wonderful 50%-75% prices. The kids have eaten very little….and I had to torture myself at the gym last night to pay for it.


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