Snow patrol

8″ of snow today and still falling. I shoveled about 1/3 of the driveway and then my neighbor came over and snowblew (snowblowed?) the rest. Thank God for Warren! Its pretty pleasant temperature wise, 25° F with very little wind. Sadly its not wet enough for a proper snowman. Or at least an easily crafted one.

So me and the kids hung out outside a few hours. They played on all the snow mountains they could find and I had to inform JD he was not to ride the toddler ride on toy down the hill. Champ the dog loves to play outside so we accommodated. Now Champ’s version of play does not equal a 4 yr old’s. Annaliese thought Champ would turn at the last minute while charging her. Nope. He jumped 3 ft in the air and took out both Maddie and Annaliese with one pounce. Fun for him. Not so much for the girls. If  you had seen it you would have laughed too. Poor Annaliese. Not hurt but she’s mad at Champ for now.

I made some hot chocolate and we sat outside drinking it on the front step . My neighbors think we’re I’m weird. Anyway, I’m supposed to be making lunch right now. Just wanted to debrief playing in the snow today. Its been a long time for me to actually spend the time outside just playing.

Doug however has the pleasure of a 40 mile drive home from ESPN in this fabulous snow. So if you’re reading this Mike, I might be late this afternoon if he doesn’t get here on time! 🙂


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  1. Oh, bless your hearts. No snow here in the south, but it’s really cold. Expecting 14 degree high on Thursday. Not usual for Kentucky.


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