And now a little dinner theatre

Overhearing Maddie in the next room orchestrating an entire scenario of make believe. She is giving the kids (and the dog) their lines and stage direction.

Actually, it’s completely self serving. Annaliese would not let Maddie read a new book of hers. Annaliese hadn’t had the chance to look through it. Maddie was deeply OFFENDED that Annaliese wouldn’t let Maddie read the book to her. Oh the drama. “I feel like you don’t even care for me anymore Annaliese! It’s not fair!” To which Annaliese calmly replies, “No, Maddie. I just want to look at the pages without reading.” Regardless of the assurance this is not a personal affront, Maddie is still not convinced. I am quite proud of them talking it through.

Maddie devises a plan to play library in which Annaliese is the poor little girl who can’t read the book she just picked out so she must look around and call on the pretty librarian (played by Maddie) to read the book to her. Not kidding. Its genius. Seven year old diabolical. Should I be proud? Should we channel this creativity for good and not evil?

JD’s role forever remains the scary little spy boy who chases them around with his spy gear. He SO needs boys to hang with. Rather, his sisters need him to have boys. He’s just fine sneaking around and scaring them yelling, “fire in the hole!”. The girls are now giggling as the attack turns to “fire on Champ’s butt!” And now Annaliese has joined the fight screaming and shooting right back at JD. Due to the attack on the library, Maddie still  has not had a chance to read the book to Annaliese but is still shouting directions to the cast (including the dog).

All this during dinner mac & cheese prep. How lucky can a girl get?


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s awesome… and so creative!!

    I hope you are keeping track of this stuff. One day it will be worth putting it all together.

    Just imagine when they all get to bee teenagers! lol


  2. lol–too funny! I can picture the whole thing!


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