Certain Leaders Embrace…

I’ve been meaning to write this all last week but knew it would take thought and time, neither of which I have had. But now that kids are sick and watching tv all day, perhaps I can spare a moment.

Scott Hodge gave an amazing talk two weekends ago (Jan 17) during our (The Orchard) Uncertainty series titled “Certain Leaders” and posited three areas that certain leaders embrace: Clarity, Creativity, and Change. Here’s how it unfolded for me…

Scott opened the talk defining leadership in this context as influence. We all have influence over at least one person and therefore we lead. For application, I focused on my primary area of influence–parenting. I lead my children.

The point that stuck out most was the first–Clarity. Having a mission, a vision, knowing where you are going, and clearly communicating that vision. Staying on point. I have been floundering as a parent lately. I’m not planning ahead, I’m not thinking through before I reveal direction to my kids so when circumstances come up, the kids are confused and chaotic. So I discipline them for not following instructions that aren’t necessarily followable in the first place. Not good. Something Scott pointed out scared me, “whoever is the clearest will become the leader”. I’ve been reading a book about influencing our children’s character, and the authors make that very point. When parents fail to communicate or instill into their children, another voice will always fill the void–peers, media, culture. Yikes.

So how can I be clear to my family about who we are? How can I communicate and promote our family identity–how should we be characterized(aside from being loud)? What does God have in mind for our family? Not what makes others pleased with us but what has God asked us to do? If we can know these things, it will help us make wise choices as we grow. We will have a standard through which to filter our decisions. Have you ever said, “we don’t do that in our family” or something similar? That’s what I’m talking about here. We as parents or as a single parent need to discern these answers. What’s important to you? Now narrow your focus toward these things.

To keep your head from nodding into your chest in bleary-eyed slumber, I’m finishing this post tomorrow. Part 2…Creativity and Change.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I may pick that book up. I’m having surgery on my ankle and will be off my feet for a minimum of two weeks. Perhaps your post has been providentially ordered!

    I tuck our son in bed every night. I tell him a story and say prayers with him. I most freequently tell him how he is going to grow up to be a Godly man some day too love and serve the Lord.

    Recently I have been convicted that I am not as faithful doing this with our little girl. 😦

    I think one of the most important things we can do as parents is to figure out what our child’s gift(s) are and too help develope them.


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