Certain Leaders…2

I determined yesterday’s Certain Leaders post was a little wordy so I cut it in two. Here’s the second half of my application of the message…

Now, about Creativity. Creativity is not all about making crafts or coming up with fun things to do. Its about thinking differently. I need to constantly look for new ideas on how to parent. How do my kids best learn both as a group and as individuals? How do they receive influence? I must teach my kids to be innovators. To not always stick to status quo but to become thinkers. Maria Shriver, in an April, 2005 interview with Oprah Winfrey, stated that at family dinners growing up, her parents did not fawn over looks or new clothes, but challenged the children to come up with ideas.

Maria says her parents have always been excited about ideas, and anyone eating dinner with the Shrivers was subject to answering Sargent’s favorite question: “What are you going to do to make a difference?” 

I’d love to have that kind of culture in my home. Click on the above quote to read the rest of the interview with Maria and her mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Interesting parenting thoughts.

And of course, Change. What worked yesterday(or on the oldest kid) may not be effective today (or on the youngest kid). Now the scary thing. You can’t change your organization family without being changed yourself. Ugh. Fail. Can I be credible to my kids if I don’t follow what I require of them? Tone of voice. Health philosophy. Moral choices. Financial wisdom. Even at toddler ages, they get this stuff. I grew up with parents that smoked cigarettes. They told us they regretted it  and we were never to start. I hated the smoke. Still, I figured when I’m old enough, I’ll smoke too. It was just what you did in our family(and many others at the time). And so I did smoke at 14 yrs old until I was 29. Not a good choice for a vocalist. My point being, the family culture I grew up in was what I thought to be right. My parents actions were more influential than their words.

Families and people are not perfect but as we grow, we as parents need to observe and re-evaluate the family culture and determine where there needs to be change, a narrowing of focus, to pursue the mission and vision we set for our family.

Here are some questions Scott gave us to mull over:

  • Is my organization(or family) stuck because of a change I need to make?
  • What am I doing now that I shouldn’t be doing?
  • What do I need to start doing?
  • How am I being stretched as a leader?

Now that last question intrigues me as a parent because I don’t think we see parenting as a profession that requires constant training and continuing education. More on that in a future post.

For a podcast of Scott’s original message about leading during times of uncertainty, go to the Orchard and click on Podcast. “Uncertainty: Certain Leaders” 1.17.09

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