Too Early For A Recap?

Valentine’s Day 2009

Since Doug and my wedding anniversary is Feb 17, we usually don’t do much for Valentine’s Day itself. Our first married V-Day, we couldn’t afford celebrating both Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. We opted for the anniversary. Now Feb 15, everything romantic goes on clearance. So on Feb 17, Doug came home with a bouquet of flowers, a round cake(to symbolize the cake top we ate the week after our wedding), and a bottle of “champagne” declaring, “and I got it all for less than 10 bucks!” Sweeter words were never spoken to this cheap frugal wife.

As in everything else, the presence of children changes the status quo of Valentine’s Day. Doug gives cards to each of us. One year I cut out heart chains and taped them to the kitchen wall. Every heart declared something cool about each kid. This year I made banners saying, “I Love You, (kid name here)”, signed it Love, Mom, Dad, and paw prints from Champ. I taped them across their bedroom doorways while they slept. They knew Dad would be at the radio station this morning but vowed to pop out and surprise him before he left. Don’t think that happened. He leaves pretty early. However, they did wake me up early so they could finish a couple secret projects. Maddie made an even larger banner this morning saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day Mom and Dad” and signed it Maddie, JD, Annaliese, paw prints from Champ, and taped it across MY doorway. I had to crawl under it to get out of my room. I can’t imagine how early she woke up to do that! I picked up heart-shaped cookie cutters ($1.40 total) to make pancakes for breakfast. Two out of three kids thought that was fun. One would much rather have french toast because she “doesn’t like pancakes” and was highly disappointed. I decided to appease her picky heart. Partially to stop the complaining but more so because one day, she will understand the value of the little things parents do for their kids that get little recognition. And she will (hopefully) learn that sometimes you do things for your kids out of love whether or not they deserve it. Hopefully she will look back and better understand grace.


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