Moments of coolness

Head cold is fully developed. Real Sudafed didn’t work. Trying Claritin D generic. So basically I have a bad cold that’s not bad enough to call in sick to work but just right to give me a miserable Thursday.

Yet, there have been some moments of coolness today that I can only describe as the mercy of God! For instance:

  • Coffee ready for me when I wake up.
  • Maddie & JD both on time to school
  • JD & Annaliese bring activity books to supermarket–all’s quiet except for some sibling posturing
  • Find small salad plates on clearance from $14.99 to $3.74 per 4 stoneware plates in normal colors. I pick up two packs because we have only 3 saucers left since we received the dishes in 1996.
  • JD & Annaliese decide to sacrifice the free cookie from the store’s bakery to get a simple toy at the end of the trip. They choose bubbles.
  • No arguing or pestering in the checkout line. Focused on bubbles.
  • Play bubbles when we get home. The cool bubble wands actually work.
  • My fabulous friend, Jess, brings me soup for lunch. And cookies! I get to have an adult conversation.
  • I draw a couple pictures with Annaliese on the driveway with chalk.

Not bad for the first 9 hours of my day. But then again, we haven’t started homework yet! 😉


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