That Effen Dog

So I’m online trying to find out how to plan a birthday party at a local park. Bloody murder scream heard from Annaliese in the back yard calling my name. She’s a screamer anyway but this sounded more urgent. I hear barking dogs. Thinking she’s getting mauled, I run to the patio door, open it and run out. As does Champ but the S.O.B. undercuts me at the knees, throws me into the patio door where I proceed to fall on my behind right on the door tracks as well as scrape my achilles heel.

Meanwhile, I’m still thinking Annaliese is getting mauled. Nope. She has a near invisible scratch on her hand from a stick. Right now, writing this is the only thing keeping me from beating my dog with a 2 x 4 for knocking me over and interfering with my daughter’s rescue.

Be advised this is a rant. There are reasonable and logical things to say about everything that transpired in 120 seconds about 5 minutes ago. I don’t care. I’m hurt and my adrenalin is off the charts. I’m still trying to convince my brain that no, Annaliese is not being mauled by the neighbor dogs who sometime jump the fence. My dog is in his crate. The kids are in their rooms.

OK, ready to head into the girls’ room with a calmer, cooler head, and stop the unauthorized glitter makeover.


2 responses to this post.

  1. No dog biscuits for Champ!

    On a more positive note… sounds like Annaliese has a future in drama!


  2. This is why Gabe has birds and not a dog. I wouldn’t have calmed down.


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