Sometimes analogies aren’t true

Been reading critics of churches with this or that music/environment, pastors who wear or don’t wear the right clothes, teachers who gesture too much, not enough or oddly. And some of the analogies are silly to me. Like the line from The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.” We keep using these analogies but I don’t think they mean what we think they mean.

“If you were going to a formal dinner or a wedding, you would wear a suit and tie. Why do you(pastor) wear jeans at church?” — Church is not a formal dinner. Its a gathering of different people, in different places on their spiritual journey, with different tastes. If I’m overly concerned about someone’s wardrobe, I’m letting something stand in the way of my hearing a word from God. Pay attention to yourself. You’ll not have to answer for anyone else.

To be fair, I’m also tired of church people saying, “Jesus didn’t wear a suit and tie.” “Jesus wore sandals.” Duh. Pretty sure Armani was hard to find.

“We just don’t want to distract anyone from the message” — We can prepare and offer our best and still God will speak as He deems necessary to each one personally. Sometimes there are things you just have to let go. Obsessing over removing every little  distraction is a distraction in itself.

I’m sure there’s more in my head but I’ve blathered on too long already. Perhaps another time.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s the thing with analogies you can find one to prove any point you want to make.

    It’s the same with Scripture, which is why we have to keep them in context.


  2. Why do you use that font? The taller font is easier for me to understand… and you write so fast it’s difficult for me to keep up and understand much less take notes!


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